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Forged by Wilson

“The Cheyenne” Bolo Tie

“The Cheyenne” Bolo Tie

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Kingman Turquoise Bolo made to order. 

*The Bolo pictured is ready to ship*

The Cheyenne stone was cut and shaped by the artist from turquoise collected at the mine in Kingman, Arizona, USA. Kingman Turquoise is widely known for its beautiful sky-blue color and caramel matrix (the color of veins throughout the stone).

The stone measures 1 1/8" x 1 3/4" (29 mm x 44 mm) and is set with sterling silver prongs.

It is backed by alternating antiqued iron and copper plates. Each plate is cut to match the shape of the stone and hammered by hand.

The braided leather cords measure 8mm in diameter and are fastened behind the stone with a free pulling brass cinch, custom designed by the artist. For comfort, the cords have a flat center section that lays smooth on the back of your collar.

We offer two styles of Sterling silver bolo tips.

- Dean’s hand forged contemporary style Bolo tips.
- Handmade Navajo style Bolo tips.

We also offer your choice of handmade leather cords in either dark brown or black.

After your order we will contact you to discuss which options you would like for preferred cords and tips.

*Please note that since turquoise has a matrix (the brown and black veins running through it) every stone will look unique. We take care to hand pick and shape each piece of turquoise to ensure a beautiful finish!

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