Jewelry Care Tips

Our jewelry is made to last generations! You can keep it in great shape by using these care tips! 

 General Care 

-Store your pieces away from other hard stones or metals. 
-When traveling, wrap in a soft cloth and pack securely. 


-Some people like to let their silver develop a natural patina. But you can use a silver polishing cloth to shine up the high points or polish it completely if you like! 


-Copper develops a beautiful iridescent patina when left unpolished! But if you want to get it to shine the way it was when you first got it, the easiest way is by using ketchup!
  • Take your jewelry in your hand a add a small bit of ketchup, rub it between your fingers for about 30 seconds and rise off with water, rub it dry with a soft cloth and enjoy the new shine! 

Beaded Jewelry 

Our beaded earrings, hatbands, and bolo ties are made by hand with high quality glass seed beads. Because those beads are made of glass, they are very delicate. 

-Be careful when packing them, wrap them in a soft cloth to ensure they are well padded. 

-If possible try to keep them flat, if they get scrunched the threads can wrinkle. But that is also an easy fix! Just lay them out and either use a steamer or a blow dryer on LOW heat, they will straighten right out!


Enjoy wearing your new jewelry and keeping them like new for years to come! If you have any further questions about how to take care of them, feel free to send us an email at