Meet the Artists

Dean Wilson is the artist behind Forged by Wilson.

Dean and his wife, Melody, were born just west of the Grand Tetons in southern Idaho. In 1980, they settled in southern Utah and have raised three children over their 40 plus years of marriage.

Since 2016, their daughter, Katie Ross, has joined the business in crafting handmade earrings and hat bands. She is skilled in various styles, including hammered silver, copper and western beadwork.  

Dean is a self taught metal smith who started making custom cowboy spurs many years ago. Over the years, he began creating western style jewelry including cuffs, bolos, belt buckles, rings and pendants for men and women.

We use a variety of metals, coins, and stones in our pieces. The turquoise we use is sourced directly from the Kingman mine in Arizona. Dean selects the turquoise in the rough and personally cuts and polishes each unique piece. Our jewelry is high quality and is made to last for generations to come.

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